Start-up Strategies is a consulting firm focused on business improvement through all avenues of commerce. From developing a strong business plan to teaching business owners how to manage and understand their finances. Training is available to any sector of business from bookkeeping to operations management. Our service commitment extends to new and existing businesses. At Start-up Strategies, our years of experience in a wide range of industries offers a unique perspective on any needs that a new client may require.


Software Training


Start-up Strategies is familiar with all of the most current and popular software that is useful with any size company. There are many programs on the market that can help a business do its accounting, manage contacts, analyse data, categorize accounts, and many other uses. With experience with many different programs the training provided by Start-up Strategies will allow the business owner to feel comfortable in understanding how the software works and how it can help your business.



Bookkeeping is an important tool that should be understood by every business owner. Keeping a clear picture of your company’s financial health is essential when making decisions. Start-up Strategies offers personal training to teach the company how to monitor and record their own accounting while understanding how to interpret those numbers.

Presentation Preparation


Preparing a presentation for potential investors, clients and business contacts can be a tedious task. Presenting in front of a group of investors or even just one new client can be a fearful task for many people. Start-up Strategies can help you overcome those fears through proper preparation and training. Start-up Strategies has developed presentations for clients that have successfully acquired funding from banks, private investors and secondary lenders.

Statistical Data Analysis


Statistical Data Analysis is an important component, especially with new businesses. This involves collecting and analyzing samples drawn from market research. Start-up Strategies offers your business effective methods to find and interpret these findings. The information found can now be relevant to your business and in an easy to read format to answer all your businesses questions. Then Start-up Strategies will show you different methods of utilizing this new found knowledge to its best potential to maximize goals.

Operations Management


Operations management is designing the business operations to be as efficient and effective as possible. This includes minimizing resources spent but maintaining the highest level of quality. This helps minimize costs and maintain a steady stream of revenue. Start-up Strategies will first analyse your company and see if you are running as efficiently as possible. Once the examination process is complete then we will develop an improvement plan based on the findings and help to better maximize the full potential of your company.

Loan Acquisition


Need funding to start or expand your business? Want to approach a private investor, government branch, or bank? There are many tools and methods of acquiring funds that can be utilized but are not because of lack of information. Start-up Strategies has contacts throughout the finance industry as well as information in regards to government grants that can be utilized by your business. Whether you are a new or existing business Start-up Strategies can help you get the funds you need.

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Business Plan Development


A successful business idea is hard to come by and when it does it needs to be properly utilized. Before investing precious time and money into a venture, it is important to analyze the opportunity and ensure all the proper steps are taken to maximize success.

Start-up Strategies will help you transform your dream into reality by providing you with a comprehensive business plan. This will allow you to examine in detail the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that need to be considered. Start-up Strategies will answer the important questions like:

  • Who is your target market and how to reach them?
  • How much capital is needed to get started?
  • What resources will be required and what is the best method to acquire them?
  • Who is your competition, and what you can do to surpass them?

A business plan is a road map for any new or existing business to help stay on track to reach their goals. This can include many things from financial projections to a flawless operational plan. A business plan is more than just a document used to acquire loans and outside investors. It is a working document that changes frequently as the business grows and changes. This document, if done properly, can help a business maintain a steady path to success and if failure arises this document can help you analyse why it happened and how to mend it.

Marketing Plan Development


If you own your own business, you owe it to yourself to ensure it reaches its full potential. Your business may be going well and you may be realizing that it is growing steadily year after year.

Even though business is good there may still be steps that can be taken to increase sales, profit or reduce expenses. Some things that should be taken into consideration are:

  • Do you have strong brand recognition?
  • Have you overlooked a potential target market?
  • Are your marketing to the right target demographics and psychographics?
  • Are you getting supplies at the best possible cost?
  • Are there things you can do to minimize taxes owed?
  • Are you ready to expand or open a new location?
  • Can you be increasing your market share at a faster rate?

Answering these questions can be done by getting a comprehensive marketing plan. Marketing plans differ from business plans in the way that they focus on four main sections of your business and how to fully maximize each one. These four main sectors are product, place, promotion and price. These areas are fully examined into great detail and are tweaked to best fit your company. A business plan has a marketing plan section but does not go to the extent of studying these aspects of your business as a marketing plan. This is because a business plan is mainly for new businesses or existing businesses that may be having operational problems. The marketing plan section of a business plan for a new business is sufficient for the time being, but as business continues to grow and change a marketing plan to maximize potential should be considered.


Gorilla Tree has established well thought-out online property listing software that powers many websites. Once the company became established it got the interest of another larger company and had the option to sell. Start-up Strategies assisted in the evaluation and selling process and allowed Gorilla Tree to expand to new markets as another business.

Rent Magazine was initially launched with plenty of potential by satisfying an untapped need and launched with a strong public following. However, it lacked the required capital and leadership to successfully continue operation. When a new owner took over with hopes of a re-launch Start-up Strategies was contacted to manage the bookkeeping and marketing. With Start-up Strategies’ help the company was able to reach success and reach the public with its product.

P&C Maintenance found Start-up Strategies through a networking event hosted by the local Chamber of Commerce. The company was having trouble property reaching its target market with its advertising. Many dollars were spent unsuccessfully trying to build a clientele base. Start-up Strategies showed the company how to accurately pin point its target market and advertise in a more focused manner producing dividends.

Smoke Lounge was a new business entering the marketing with an innovative product which allowed smokes to return to comfort while continuing to be respectful to non-smokers. Start-up Strategies successfully helped the company obtain external funding from a major bank with a well-developed business plan while also obtaining a large government grant to help operating costs.

Laurentian University hired Start-up Strategies to analyze its current parking technology and develop an implementation plan to increase its effectiveness. After a thorough analysis of the current parking technology used and the new technology available, Start-up Strategies developed a comprehensive analysis of the suitable options.

Simon Says General Contracting was first incorporated in March of 2011 and wanted to acquire funding for the opportunities available. Start-up Strategies was hired to develop a business plan and search for funding opportunities. Start-up Strategies was able to secure a large grant from the Provincial Government that was used to facilitate the company’s growth.

University of Sudbury was having a hard time finding a credible food service provider for its newly renovated student lounge. Marketing of this space to potential tenants lacked the expertise that was needed to fill the space. Start-up Strategies volunteered its time developing promotional techniques that would ensure this space received the proper attention. Within a 2 month period of the University of Sudbury using these techniques a food provider has been chosen and remains a staple for the student lounge.

Camplow Services was a new company that needed help developing its customer base as well as all the necessary business management skills. From bookkeeping to marketing to brand management, Start-up Strategies assisted this company through its opening and growth phases.

Greater Sudbury Plumbing (GSP) began operation in March of 2016 with limited funding and no business experience. The company has grown to be voted Sudbury’s best plumbing company from the Sudbury Star Readers Choice awards. The marketing and business training from Start-up Strategies has helped grow this company to a leader competitor in the plumbing industry.

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